Cuvée Rubis Rosé de Saignée


Champagne Rosé is a wine of charm, festive, with incomparable style, color, and flavor. The Cuvée Rubis, rosé de saignée is a festive wine, with incomparable style, color and flavor. Resulting from the maceration of the grapes before pressing, it is the natural pigments of the skin that color the wine. As it macerates, the skins release a wide range of aromas.


Blend: 100% Pinot Noir from Rilly la Montagne

Year: 2020


Colour : voluntarily sustained, strong and joyful, beautiful raspberry colour .

Nose : slightly acidic berries, currant and raspberry aromas.

Mouth : party wine, fresh, harmonious, balanced, red fruit flavors.


This Champagne appears in the fruity style


Food / Wine

The Cuvée Ruby accompanies magnificently provencal tomatoes or strawberry pie

Winemaker Words

For the Rosé Champagne, I must first produce red wine with Pinot noir grapes. It reminds me of pleasant memories when I was working in New Zealand as an oenologist. I loved creating red wines...




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