The style

A magnum contains 1.5 litres of champagne, the equivalent of two bottles The name is latin and dates back to 1788 in England. This bottle allows us to commercialise older vintages of Champagne.

The development

Champagne Marc Chauvet offers 2 magnum qualities:

Magnum Champagne Brut Selection, a champagne ideal to begin to appreciate the vintage wines.

Magnum Champagne Brut Vintage 2016 : Its multiple flavors explode in the mouth, they lead you in a whirlwind of flavors! says Clotilde, bright eyes, very proud of this vintage.

The sensations

Should I take a bottle or a magnum to drink the best champagne?

If this question comes up often,it is that champagne is a lively wine that breathes. Experience shows that the champagne wine keeps better in a magnum. This seems logical due to the amount of air exchanged through the cork, the same for a bottle of 75 cl or a 1.5 litre magnum. In this large bottle, oxygen has a slower action on wines: oxidation is more moderate. In a magnum, the champagne ages more slowly, ensuring the nectar an exceptional longevity. This alchemy allows blended wines harmony to create a subtle drink, more subtle still than in a traditional bottle.

A magnum of champagne will not disappoint, it is recommended for anything more than four guests. In contrast, a half bottle of champagne - and a fortiori in quarter - does not have the best ageing conditions.

Winemaker words

If your wallet allows, prefer the magnum, it has the best qualities and is the epitome of champagne.



Champagne Marc Chauvet Magnum de champagne

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