Nicolas Chauvet, the mind of the vines Clotilde Chauvet, the mind of the wine

Champagne according to Chauvet, Clotilde and Nicolas

Nicolas Chauvet, the mind of the vines…
Live with nature, smell its essence, respect the earth, cherish its grapevine…

Clotilde Chauvet, the mind of the wine…
Live the wine, appreciate its aromas, vibrate to the rhythm of its evolutions, up to the culmination, this privileged instant when you put the flute of champagne Marc Chauvet on your lips!

Brother and sister, Nicolas and Clotilde share the same passion for the grapevine and the wine. They use a double competence, Nicolas in the grapevines, Clotilde in wine production. Complimentary, they work together in the elaboration of champagne Marc chauvet.

Nicolas is a worthy descendant from several generations of winegrowers, inheriting a love for the grapevines and the land. as for Clotilde, she developed a true passion from a very young age for the elaboration of the wine, to the point of making it her job, “feminine oenologist”.
In their daily work Nicolas and Clotilde align leadingedge technologies and a taste for novelty, while remaining tied to the ancestral stock and by respecting champenois tradition. It is a privilege for them to exercise together this winegrower’s job, which they love so much!
It is probably what confers Marc Chauvet champagne a style, taste and a unique character.


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