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The Champagne Terroir

A specific geographic location

The vineyards of Champagne are located in the extreme north of the French zone of the culture of the vine. This situation gives the grapes the world highest ester content and low tannin content. These 2 elements largely explain the finesse and elegance of the wines of this region, located 150 km east of Paris.

A specific soil

The champagne soil contains chalk, which is an essential element of the particular characteristics of wine from Champagne. This chalk has the power to store and render the solar heat. It provides perfect drainage of excess water and allows to store moisture in the rainy period, thus mitigating the effects of drought in summer.

A specific climate

The Champagne has a climate of transition which is mèlent and moves very quickly between Atlantic softness and continental rigour. The region is never free from frost of spring flowering thwarted by temperature variations of thunderstorms and hail, likely to destroy the harvest.

Three specific varietals

In Rilly, the grape variety mix is distributed as follows: 20% of Chardonnay ( white grape ), 48% of Pinot Meunier ( black grape ), and 32% of Pinot Noir ( black grape ).

It is the combination of these elements that shape the characteristics of Champagne wine and gives it character, finesse and elegance.


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