Nicolas Chauvet, The man of the vines

The man of the vines

Nicolas Chauvet is the man of the vines…
He knows his vineyard and his land in the slightest corners! Year after year, season after season, he lives to the rhythm of the vegetation.

A committed man with wisdom and a winegrower’s patience, Nicolas notices and lets nature speak. With his experience of several generations of wine-growers, he chooses methods of reasoned culture and does not hesitate to take calculated risks to optimize the quality of production.

He agreed to take part in a pilot plan, initiated by the chamber of agriculture, to restrict the use of chemical treatments in the vines. Eventually, the objective of this key initiative is to diminish the volume of treatments by 30 % in all French wine regions.

By sticking to this plan Nicolas asserts his difference and his will to develop a lasting viticulture. The Marc Chauvet company joins the small group of companies at the top of research in protection of environment.

Supported by a specialized technician attached to the chamber of agriculture, Nicolas cultivates his vineyard with his habitual common sense, enriched by extremely pointed analyses of soil and vegetation. He anticipates evolutions of the grapevine and the grapes and uses treatments only in case of absolute necessity. Letting nature breathe…


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