les trois générations de la famille Chauvet

History of champagne Marc Chauvet

Only the road to Reims separates our property from the Church of Rilly la Montagne dating from the 12th century. In the latter, an initiated eye can note a strange plate engraved in stone. The inscription in old French reveals, once decrypted, that a winemaker of Rilly la Montagne is buried there since 1529...

Name: Nicolas Chauvet!

A Chauvet family ancestor, based for eternity, not far from his descendants...

Five centuries later, Clotilde and Nicolas Chauvet perpetuate the family wine-growing tradition following their parents Claudette and Marc Chauvet, and their grand-parents Andrée and René Chauvet. Brother and sister working together, they have kept the Champagne Marc Chauvet brand created by their father.


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