les vignes Marc Chauvet devant Rilly la Montagne les vignes du champagne Marc Chauvet, Rilly la Montagne les vignes Marc Chauvet devant Rilly la Montagne

The champagne village of Rilly la Montagne

The vineyard of Champagne Marc Chauvet is based in Rilly la Montagne, a charming village located in the heart of the "Mountain of Reims", in the Marne department. Surrounded by the communities of Chigny-les-Roses, Villers-Allerand and Sermiers, Rilly-la-Montagne is located 11 km South-East of Reims, the largest city nearby, and 15 km from Epernay.,

"The mountain" of Rilly rises to an altitude of 276 metres Classified as Premier Cru, it is one of the oldest wine-producing villages Champenois, as evidenced by the (table multipage) polyptych of the monks of the Abbey of Saint Rémy. It extends 851 hectares, of which 312 hectares are intended for the cultivation of the vine.

Backed by the Montagne de Reims, Rilly keeps its traditions and its character of a champagne village, surrounded by vineyards and forest. The flowers are everywhere in the streets, on windows, the doors of the houses of Champagne. The village is welcoming, colorful and quiet, happy to live in the image of the Champagne vineyard... It is protected by a benevolent God, Bacchus, Roman God of wine, equated with the Greek Dionysus God. Strolling the streets, one can admire the statue of Bacchus who watches over the vineyards of Rilly la Montagne…



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