The Blending of Champagne Marc Chauvet la cuverie de Clotilde Chauvet les cuves de Clotilde Chauvet

The Blending of Champagne Marc Chauvet

The marriage of the vintage "clear wine ", varieties and years to aromatic and organoleptic qualities, the art of blending is to create a wine of superior quality of the sum of the base wines.
It is a real work of creation!

To be successful, Clotilde combines know-how, experience and female intuition... She creates a champagne that reflects her vision of the wine, her own style, which she seeks from year to year to perpetuate characteristics.
Colour, aromas, saveurs… Clotilde uses the 5 senses to acheive the blend, this particular alchemy, which requires a long experience of the terroirs, and of tasting, but also creativity and a sensory memory without fault. Her talent is to be able to envisage the future evolution of the wine... to find the house taste, extremely precise balance of Champagne Marc Chauvet, a single and nevertheless stylish, sleek champagne.

Each year, part of the harvest is set aside to enter in the following years blends. With these so-called "reserve" wines, Clotilde and Nicolas manage to maintain the taste and the style of their champagne, representative not only of their terroir, but also of their personality.
Once blended, the Champagne is bottled.


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