Clotilde Chauvet, the house oenologist

Wine production feminine style

Clotilde Chauvet, the house oenologist.
Daughter of winegrowers, enthralled by the elaboration of the wine, Clotilde chose alone to exercise this job very often reserved for men. With determination, talent and firm belief, she persevered into the masculine world of viticulture and oenology.
Today, in the crepuscule of her 40th year, she says to be proud, happy and even lucky to live every day her passion for the wine.

A woman of character.
A lively figure, this woman with a strong character works the champagne in her style, with her not very ordinary mixture of oenologique know-how, female intuition and emotion. Like an orchestral conductor, she blends different tanks to compose fresh and cheerful, subtle and complex wines, where character is conjugated with elegance.
Grape harvest after grape harvest, she performs technical arbitration to adapt the wine production to the characteristics of the crop, to best express the land, the quality of the grapes and the features of every vintage, by restricting interventions on musts.

For Clotilde, there is no recipe of pre-defined champagne. Blending varies every year and for every new vintage. It is the advantage of a small operation like ours; we have room for manoeuvre in the elaboration of champagne.


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